Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who is running the BBC News?

The "Big Brother" issue just does not feature today!

Just what is happening at the BBC? The news that the whole nation is talking about today just doesn't get a mention from the organisation which wants to grab more money from license fees. Whilst just about every quality newspaper in the U.K. is covering the story of Ruth Turner's arrest and Labour's attempts to 'have a go' at the police, the BBC studiously ignores the story. Have they become an official mouth piece for Blair's sleazy regime?

Andrew Raunsley in The Observer writes:

"Once he was Teflon Tony, the Prime Minister to whom nothing ever stuck. He is now Toxic Tony, the Prime Minister whom the voters regard as presiding at the apex of a sleazy regime. Whatever happens next, the public have already slapped a pair of metaphorical handcuffs on his wrists. Poll after poll indicates that voters think that peerages are traded for cash and that Tony Blair has dishonoured his promise to clean up public life"

Whilst the story is also featured in The Times, and given greater depth here, as well as here, here, and here. The whole scenario is of the British press reporting on the single most important issue to face a Prime Minister and his government that we have ever know. The man who brought us the "big brother" state with one fifth of the world's cctv cameras is now very much under the spotlight, in a "Nixonesque" fashion, as police strongly suspect a big cover up. It is time we started to prepare for a Big Brother style eviction, but without the expensive vote to go with it!

Yet the BBC wants nothing to do with the issue.

If the corporation wishes to retain it's previously respected independence then it ought to pay less heed to Dr. John Reid and his spinning stunts at the Home Office, and turn away from it's current position of "Big Brother's Claptrap"

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Hat Tip - Beau Bo D'or

The revolution cometh. Good work, Curly.
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