Thursday, December 30, 2004


Indian Ocean Tsunami

The events in the Indian Ocean since Sunday have numbed the mind, shocked and horrified, and made one think about the most simple things in life that we enjoy, i.e. fresh water, sanitation, a roof over our heads, and a supply of food.
It is almost impossible to imagine the horrors that those thousands of poor souls are living through now, with the loss of loved ones, their homes, and the essential basics for suvival. The death toll marches on, and bodies continue to be discovered at an increasing rate as the more remote communities are reached, and soon, inevitably diseases such as cholera will break out to add to the trauma.
Remember, only a few days ago, millions of people (including tourists) were enjoying life on those idyllic beaches warmed by the sun, while we enjoyed our Christmas filling our stomachs and adding to our material wealth.
Oh how easily life can be snubbed out!
It is so humbling to think that should such a disaster occur say in the North Sea, mamy, many large cities would be at substantial risk, and the loss of life could be measured at over a million - Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Sunderland, Middlesborough, Scarborough, Hull, Grimsby, Lowestoft, London, Calais, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stavanger.

Take a moment or two and think about it.......................................................

Now that you have thought about it, donate some money to the appeal NOW!


Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hi, I'm Curly, proprietor of Curly's Corner Shop


My Christmas card for all of my friends
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Welcome to my NEW blog!

Welcome to my Blogger blog, and good riddance to MSN Spaces, I should have done this a lot sooner following all of the access problems that I suffered, so I'll be a little more happy here I think!
It's difficult enough to feel happy after seeing the recent news bulletins showing the death toll following the tsunami in the Indian Ocean continuing to rise to almost 100,000. Tony Blah, on behalf of the British people has pledged an immediate £15m worth of aid - the price of ONE footballer for heavens sake! We spend that much every day in Iraq.
Well Curly and his family had a fabulous Christmas, frenetic, and fun, but quite tiring. The children have received an obscene amount of toys, clothes, and other gifts from their grandparent. It worries me that at three and seven years old it will raise their expectations for future years, and birthdays. I really will impress this point upon my parents and the maternal grandparents. I do not want my children to be consumed with greed and materialism, and I won't allow them to become spoilt brats!
It was back to work in the Corner Shop today after a huge long four days off! Just remember, you lot working in factories and offices enjoying your two week break, that you always want the shops open for you! I like being at work, it takes the mind away from the madness in the house, and reduces the opportunities of falling over another new toy. I'll have a week off in about ten days time. The Corner Shop is being very good to me this year (it's my twentieth anniversary of employment with them) by giving me a total of eight weeks holiday. Plenty of time to do some decorating or take the family away camping when the weather is good.
Curly's Corner Shop
I'm busy building version 2 of my website Curly's Corner Shop, it's coming along quite nicely, probably about 85% completed now, it should be online by the end of the first week in January. You can view version 1 at , version 2 is likely to have the same name but a new URL more appropriate for higher search engine rankings. I'll keep you posted. If you'd like to get in touch you can email me on or find me on Curly's Corner Shop Message Board
Speak to you all soon, please remember to update your favourites, or bookmarks.


Saturday, December 25, 2004


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