Tuesday, January 16, 2007

South Shields policeman jailed

Jason Singh gets "six of the best"

He almost became a professional football for the "dark side" (Newcastle Untited), he failed, - instead he became a policeman serving in South Shields, he failed, - so he tried to become a leader of a smash 'n' grab gang, and failed again.Jason Singh represents all that is wrong about cocaine users, they think that it's only a soft drug with little in the way of side effects, they don't think it's too addictive, but Singh found his addiction was costing him up to 600 pounds per week and he had 30,000 pounds of debt because of it.

In a calculated attempt to clear his debts he formed a gang with the intent of stealing cash machines and their contents, they also intended to steal the life savings of a vulnerable woman, he roped in his brother and friends and dragged them down with him.

One can only congratulate Northumbria Police and their Integrity Unity for having the right suspicions about Jason Singh and investigating his activities with a ruthless impartiality, today because of their actions he is starting a six year jail sentence and the reputation of the Police in South Shields is restored.

Cocaine - NOT to be sniffed at!


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