Friday, January 19, 2007

Ruth Turner arrested

"Water now lapping around Blair's neck" - MacNeill

Ruth Turner, the Director of Government Relations (just another posh title for one of Blair's 'spinmeisters') was arrested at 06.30 a.m. this morning in the continuing "cash for honours" enquiry headed by Metropolitan Police Assistant Chief Commissioner John Yates. She was later released on police bail without charges, it is speculated that the police have used this method to attain access to further documents and records as they continue to probe deeper into the heart of the government.

Ominously Tony Blair has offered Turner his "full support".

News of the arrest was broken first to the blogosphere by The Daily at 1.22 p.m. a little while before the BBC published the news on it's website.

Angus MacNeil the SNP MP who sparked the cash for honours enquiry said:

"I think it just underlines the seriousness of the situation facing Downing Street, something they haven't fully faced up to. Water is now lapping around Tony Blair's neck and I hope Downing Street will not try and spin its way out of the situation."

It seems that Yates' investigations will go on just that little bit longer, and go that little bit deeper, as the machine at No. 10 starts to shiver and shake - was Gordo aware of something before he made a quick exit to India?


BBC News

Did you mean to write "Ruth Kelly"?
Liking your title. Easy mistake to make.
I'm obviously psychologically flawed, it was more in hope thaan anything else....oops!
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