Thursday, January 18, 2007

Miliband's air miles

Highflier flies much!

Dizzy has come up with an interesting piece on David Miliband's flying habits and hotel expenditure, rather than just point you towards it, I'll copy the whole post here if Dizzy doesn't mind too much.

"You'd think that if you wanted Foreign travel the best place to work would be the Foreign Office, but actually, being in David Miliband's DEFRA isn't too bad.

David "I love the planet" Miliband managed to spend just under 2.6m. pounds on foreign air travel last year. He also racked up just over a million on foreign rail travel, and spent just shy of 800K pounds on foreign hotels.

Now perhaps I'm being mean but 2.6m. pounds seems an awfully excessive amount of air travel spend for the Secretary of the State for the Environment at a time when he says we're all doomed and must change our environmentally unfriendly ways.

On the other, what is effectively 2000 pounds per day on foreign accommodation must buy a hell of the lot of room service and *cough* movies."


Dizzy Thinks

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