Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Left wing "think tank" urges huge tax rises

You can tell there's not much longer left for Tony..........

When left wing think tanks like Compass have the brass nerve to come out and shout for swingeing huge tax rises, when the old class war cliches get dragged out of the garbage can, when property becomes the target of the envious.

Today they get ready to prime Gordon Brown and whoever his new Treasury team will be with an agenda of pure take, tax, and apropriation that would hit most hard working families with an additional 6,000 pounds per year tax bill. Compass are even recommending a wealth tax for those with assets of over 200,000 pounds (see my previous post about house prices) and individuals with over 100,000 pounds, they would also raise the ceiling for national insurance contributions thus raking in even more tax from middle income earners, and they are calling for the portion that the state takes from national wealth to rise to around 50%.

Wasn't it this type of lunacy that created the conditions for Margaret Thatcher's long reign? If this is the route that the left wants to take after the demise of Tony Blair, then let's have more of it say I.


Daily Express

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