Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Labour to lose election? - Miliband

South Shields MP seems convinced of Labour defeat!

David Miliband in an article written in today's Daily Telegraph appeals to the Labour Party to find a new set of policies and initiatives for the next year. The article is penned in typical Miliband 'wonkspeak' and as such will only be deciphered by the academics and international sephologists, it's way over our heads. Fearing defeat at the polls Miliband writes on how NuLabour must reorganise:

"Therefore Labour must broaden and deepen its agenda. In 1997, New Labour promised to remove the false choice between wealth creation and social justice. This is now conventional wisdom. In 2007, we must again expose false choices: the argument that a thriving voluntary sector is incompatible with active government; that economic dynamism cannot go alongside the new imperative of environmental sustainability; that patriotism cannot go alongside deeper engagement in the EU and international institutions; that strong, cohesive communities cannot go alongside open and multicultural societies. Broadening our agenda to take on new ideas and new concerns is essential if we are to maintain the new coalition that brought Labour to power."

Err, O.K. David, I'm sure that will go down well with the electorate in the council estates of South Shields.

The more important parts of the Secretary of State's public wailing are contained in the introduction to the piece;

"Government or Opposition?", he asks, and

"After 10 years in power, Labour needs to defy political gravity to win the next election."

At last - something refreshingly simple that we can all understand, an admission that defeat stares them in the face!


Miliband article

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