Thursday, January 11, 2007

Labour to field "straw" candidates at election?

Blogger suspects election spoiling tactic.

Just came across this piece from a few days ago on Rossinisbird's blog, where he writes of his distrust at rumours spreading locally that the Labour Party in South Tyneside might be willing to field sympathetic supporters as "Independent" candidates in this year's local elections in South Tyneside. This, if true, would be an attempt to deliberately split the opposition vote to help secure safe seats for the Labour Party.

"Some of the independents councillors and hopefuls are concerned that the local Labour Party will stand a notional 'independent' straw man (or woman) in several of the wards, particularly those where an independent councillor already stands, or where Labour consider a seat loss to be likely. If true, it means that the local Labour party is cynically attempting to dilute the independent vote, hoping that voters will mistake their chap for the real independent."

You can read the full post - here

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