Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Have the Tories sold their soul?

Steady trickle of members joining UKIP

In a mildy vitriolic article Simon Heffer in the Daily Telegraph extols David Cameron to liberate himself and break free from the chains of Francis Maude, Oliver Letwin, and Steve Hilton. Heffer reckons that "Big Dave" is their prisoner, hamstrung by their efforts to keep him firmly tied to the left of the party engaging the likes of Polly Toynbee and turning his nose up at little government, smaller taxes, liberty, and an English Parliament. Pegged down to the middle of the road of British politics, Cameron and his non-representative focus groups are to blame for a steady trickle of party members joining the United Kingdom Independence Party led by MEP Nigel Farage (pictured) claims Heffer.

The more interesting reading to be gleaned from his piece is found amongst the comments section, Heffer has certainly managed to stir up a hornets nest with his analysis, with some party members prepared to sell out on their ideals and beliefs in order to get their hands on the reins of power, whilst others see the party having sold out on it's ideals and beliefs and are now prepared to go to a new home, UKIP.

There is the possibility of course (which the Labour Party tries to exploit) that once elected we will see no change at all in the Tory party. I wonder how our local association feels about this issue?


Daily Telegraph.

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