Thursday, January 11, 2007

Government sneeking in new road toll legislation.

Motorists could face six months jail for obstructing officials!

Ray Massey in the Daily Mail reports that legislation is being sneaked through Parliament in the guise of the Transport for London bill, which paves the way for nationwide charging of motorists in a pay as you drive scheme. Motorists will be charged up to 1.50 per mile for certain toll roads across the U.K. and could face fines or six months imprisonment for tampering with road toll devices installed in their own cars, or for failing to allow officials access to their vehicles to check these devices.

Don't be deceived into thinking that New Labour is a middle of the road cute and cuddly political mother, it is nothing of the sort, it is still full of Stalinist control freaks who want to regulate every facet of our lives from conception and birth until the day we die, they are the architects of the "Big Brother" state, the divas of the database.

They are clearly not to be trusted, and this is more than illustrated by the 235,000 people who have signed the online e-petition to Tony Blair to scrap the planned vehicle and road pricing policy, by far the largest of the petitions on the No. 10 Website.(Go on - you know you want to!)


The Daily Mail

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