Saturday, January 20, 2007

Everything that's wrong about our immigration laws.

Boris in defence of Mark Coleman

"It seems so unfair that we turn the full force of the law on someone who is totally British by descent, who complies with the law, who turns up at the police station every two weeks as required to do, and who refrains from working or claiming any benefits. For all his obedience, we reward him by sending him back to a dictatorship with which he has severed all links. At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of others who thumb their noses at the law and abscond into society, and we are not able to know even their names or their number. The whole thing is an outrage, and if any Home Office minister knows any better, perhaps he or she could inform us."

You may or may not like Boris Johnson the somewhat outspoken and colourful MP for Henley, but can I urge you to read this item in his blog which sets out everything which is wrong about our immigration policies in this country. Boris is defending a man (Mark Coleman) who is threatened with deportation to the dictatorial regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe simply because his grandparents, who were British citizens, were born in India rather than on British soil.

Here we see a man whose grandfather served the Crown in the last World War, whose other grandfather was imprisoned by the Japanese as a POW and helped build the bridge over the River Kwai, whose great grandfather was a surgeon major in the British Army, and how do we treat him? Send him back to the thugs of Mugabe's regime, whilst at the same time we have no idea of the numbers of illegal immigrants sneaking into this island, and we allow foreign terrorist suspects to sneak out of the country unhindered.

If you have any sense or values of what is right then please read the story in Boris Johnson's blog and consider asking YOUR MP to back Boris in his fight for justice for Mark Coleman.


Boris Johnson MP

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