Saturday, January 06, 2007

Corner Shop suffers

Brown batters us all!

It's official, we are all feeling the pinch, Labour's taxes are at last biting hard!

Many retailers and independent shop owners enjoyed what turned out to be a rather miserable Christmas as the number of customers visiting our establishments (in some cases) was a little less than last year, those who did come through our doors didn't want to spend as much money as usual. Was it all our fault, did we fail to make our shops look inviting enough for the Christmas period? Were our shopping centres and malls lacking in the festive spirit? Was there a failure in marketing and advertising? Did the "dumbing down" of Christmas gain favour as a factor?

Plain truth is none of these, the good old British public just doesn't have the money to spend, there are too many fiscal pressures from the dour Scot Gordon Brown, who has almost battered us into submission with his rates and amounts of taxes. One day, Labour (and other centralist) politicians will learn that lower fiscal rates produce higher fiscal revenue and boost the economy by allowing us all more of our own hard earned cash to spend!


The Times

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