Monday, January 08, 2007

Confusion over organic food.

Organic is no healthier says Miliband.

One of the great things about lifestyle change in the aftermath of a heart attack is the radical return to a sensible healthy nutritional diet. I now need to take five portions of fruit and vegetables every day along with good old lean meat and healthy spuds. I was considering trying to go organic too, and reduce the amount of pesticides and other chemicals being taken into the body, as well as helping to reduce their effects upon the environment and soil, but then I discovered (after a hard search for the organic sections in our local supermarkets - well hidden) that the prices are simply outrageous. So it's back to the fruit and veg at the front entrance, wondering why they are always the first things that they put in front of you? I'm sure too that the chicken, turkey, beef, and pork come from animals that don't see too much of the glorious British countryside, don't get too much fresh air and exercise, don't get to eat our healthy grass, and don't have too much sleeping space either! But do we care too much?

Well, - no to be honest. We want our food easy, partially prepared, cheap, and ready to cook. Our own MP and Environment Secretary, David Miliband appears to agree and opines this weekend that 'organic' is simply a "lifestyle choice" for those who can afford it, and that there are no scientifically proven benefits to it compared with mass produced chemically sustained foods. In an interview in the Sunday Times he stated that he wouldn't want to see 96% of our food being viewed as inferior simply because it is not organic.

So there you are, eat on the cheap to your hearts' content, let the countryside be sprayed with even more chemicals, let's see the organic growers suffer a little more at the hands of the giant supermarkets, it's o.k. the minister said so!


Daily Mail.

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