Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Central surgery

Blood quick as a flash!

Does everything seem to happen so quickly these days?

Yesterday I was visited by the Health Visitor, as a registered nurse she will be popping in on a regular basis to help me follow through all of the life plans in the Heart Manual that I was given after being discharged from hospital, lovely woman too. She told me it was necessary for a blood sample to be taken at this stage and then rang my GP's surgery to arrange it, but, as seems common for January anyone of any importance was on holiday. "Oh dear, you'll have to go to the hospital to get it done", she said.

No problem, thought I, it would be nice to try a decent walk to extend the mileage I'm putting in these days (I was wondering whether it may be a little too far at this stage, there and back.) She was back within minutes with the necessary paperwork and "green" envelope for the blood sample, I was astounded with the speed! A little later I took a phone call from an old friend who advised me that I could have a blood sample taken at the Central Surgery, which is at the rear of Stanhope Parade, South Shields, this seemed a much better idea, and less of a distance to walk.
So I went there this morning.

I had intended to get some pictures for Curly's Photoshop whilst I was out, got some at the Snooker Centre on Chichester Road, South Shields, and I also thought I'd get a macabre shot of the needle in my arm as they drew out some blood, thought I'd try it in black and white then add some colour to the blood later - you know, kind of "arty farty". I didn't have to wait too long as we were brought into the clinic by a nurse in pairs, so there I was sat in this huge armchair with two slanted arms watching the fear on the face of the lady opposite me (she didn't look the fearful type as we chatted amiably in the waiting area.)

"When did you have the heart attack Curly?" asked the nurse,
"Oh, on Boxing day" I replied,
"You must be the bloke who was in the Shields Gazette then" exclaimed woman with eyes closed, but with a hint of excitement,
"How do you know, they didn't show my picture?" I asked,
"You're the only one the Gazette wrote about last week, I saw it too" said the nurse,
"If you just hold that still, can I take a picture" I asked,
"What of" asked the nurse,
"You taking the blood out" I said,
"I'm busy sticking the plaster on now, I'm finished" she said.

That was that then, photo opportunity gone in a flash, didn't even feel the hypodermic going in, blood gone in a flash too!

Amazing service girls, mind if I come back soon?

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