Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brown grilled for wrong reasons.

Chancellor fleas from 'frying pan to the fire'.

Does one feel just a little bit sorry for the Chancellor Gordon Brown or not? He fled the country on Tuesday 16th. February to go on a trip to India (which he had apparently first turned down some months ago), by doing so he missed out on a party that he had sent out the invitations for, thus rudely snubbing his guests.

The party at No. 11 was to celebrate the Three Hundredth Anniversary of the Act of Union between England and Scotland, which is only being celebrated by the release of a two quid coin a year later. Mindful of the fact that he wouldn't have wished to become embroiled in any devolution issues when it is thought that the Labour Party is about to get thumped in the forthcoming elections for the Scottish Parliament, and that there may well be some negativity over a Scot becoming Prime Minister for Great Britain, he decided last minute to jet off to India!

Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire! The dour Scot has been bedevilled by questions about racism in Channel 4's Big Brother and dogged by jibes about him being psychologically flawed, following the debate on 18 Doughty Street the other night.

The great shame of course is that despite the 21,000 complaints to Ofcom there has been very little in the way of overt racism, but much in the way of female bitching and carping from someone who might be described as "fick". Jade Goodie, is more likely to be evicted sooner rather than later, a prospect equally faced by Mr. Brown in Downing Street.


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