Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blairs' gay dilemna

Is P.M.s wife behind compromise?

The Blair government is facing further trouble in it's battle to get the Sexual Orientation Regulations through Parliament after the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster wrote letters to members of the Cabinet expressing their view that their adoption agencies could not accept a law requiring them to hand over vulnerable children to gay couples.

Some in the Labour Party saw Cardinal Cormack Murphy O'Connor's intervention, and his implied threat that Catholic adoption agencies might close, as nothing less than blackmail and intimidation, and are calling on the Prime Minister and his Cabinet not to back down in the face of this intimidation from Christian religious leaders, and herein lies Blair's dilemna. Blair's wife Cherie is a practising Roman Catholic and for some time the Prime Minister too, has been attending Roman Catholic Churches and mass, one of his Ministers, Ruth Kelly is a member of the Catholic organisation Opus Dei, and they are all trying to ride two horses at the same time. Do they continue to support the gay rights movement and it's drive for equality, or do they try and square their conscience? Many commentators suggest that the Prime Minister is being influenced by his wife in his deliberations over these regulations, additionaly many of the Labour Party's constituency are Roman Catholic.

The whole issue illustrates the bedevilment of the Labour Party and it's subjugation to minority pressure and lobby groups, and the growing muddle that it finds itself in, one must question whether there is any merit at all in legislating on this matter. Do the general public really want a law that provides the means for gay couples to adopt children? In addition, the government's "respect agenda" wishes to provide some of us with "parenting classes" to help produce the model citizens of the future - with parents of the same sex?

One could argue too, having read that our churches are populated with many homosexual priests, that they should "cast the moat out of their own eye" before preaching to the rest of us!

Archbishop Cranmer muddies the waters even further - here


The Times Online

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