Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rosie outlook

Historic pub saved from demolition.

Great news for lovers of the old traditional pub The Rose and Crown in East Holborn, South Shields. Regulars and occasional visitors such as myself were wary of what the future might hold for this favourite watering hole. The whole area around the pub (see the map link) is earmarked for fascinating future redevelopments including housing, retail, leisure, office accomodation, and possibly an hotel, all with views over the river. It was feared that the old pub locally referred to as "The Rosie" might have to make way for new buildings and become a victim of the demolition teams.

This whole 25 hectare site is being developed by South Tyneside Council who have worked hard to acquire the land and plan it's future. The adjacent old Middle Docks are now owned by Branmore Investments, a company owned by South Tyneside Independant councillor Allan Branley and his partners, who spotted a golden opportunity to make a massive difference to the riverside area and community. As any entrepreneur would tell you, "you can't beat being in the right place at the right time."

The Rosie's owner Bob Overton is naturally delighted that the pub is to be saved and he is now beginning to consider how he can make plans for future improvements to his business. Bob has been "host" at The Rose and Crown for the past 23 years in this living museum that we so love. The interior is has the distinctive flavour of a bygone age with ships artefacts and historic maps and advertisements adorning the walls, and outside it sports a delightful beer garden for use in the summer months. It was a very popular venue for entertainment and live music and was part of our regular Sunday evening pub crawl along the riverside which normally started at The Dolly Peel and ended up in Rosie Malone's in the Market Place, taking in the old West End Vaults (Trimmers Arms, The Rosie, The Riverside, The Steamboat, The Railway, and The Flying Angel.) I don't know why, but this is still a popular route for the over 25's on a Sunday.

Some of us can remember drinking in the Rosie many years back when the licensee was a certain "Max" (Magnus) Robinson responsible for the introduction folk music and blues in the old place, a man with a great infectious sense of humour.

I'll have a wee tot in there to celebrate the Rosie's future and bark three cheers to the council and Cllr. Branley, and others.

As an aside, that's one less extraction for the dentist to make (just a few fillings on either side) , a chance of a few more quid in the bank too, what a development! Maybe there might be matching Bentleys for him and the wife!


Shields Gazette

Noticed your piece on the Rosie.

This area is NOT being redeveloped by Branmore Investments; it has been reclaimed by the Council and we are currently assessing how we can develop the site - which does include housing and offices and other initiatives to make the area an attractive offering for the people of that area.

Its taken a long time for the Council to carefully negotiate land purchases etc in that area - and personally I think our officers deserve a lot of credit for the painstaking way in which they have undertaken these negotiations.

But you are right on one thing - its going to be a fanastic redevelopment for the Town.

Branmore own the actual shipyard site.

Hope this helps.

Iain Malcolm
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