Sunday, December 24, 2006

Peace on earth and goodwill towards all men

With the exception of Tony Blair by the looks of it!

Bob Marshall Andrews (pictured) the Labour MP for Medway has written to ACPC John Yates suggesting that Blair be investigated for false accounting, he even considers that his Leader "teflon" Tony should resign over the cash for peerages affair.

This weekend Marshall-Andrews said: "I think the implications are very serious. I wrote to the party and got an unsatisfactory response so I wrote to Yates and said he should take on board the issue of false accounting. He wrote back and said 'we will look at it'."

It is understood that detectives have now looked into the allegations and have sent a confidential report to the Crown Prosecution Service.

Marshall-Andrews, who has been critical of Blair's proposals for the Lords and for legal reforms, said: "I think this is a resigning issue for Blair."

All is clearly not well, and the troops have been sent home for Christmas in a rather disgruntled mood, unfortunately Yates is unlikely to make a name for himself as being the first copper to force a Prime Minister out of No. 10. Tony Blair will be on his lucrative lecture tour by time collars are being felt.


The Sunday Times.

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