Friday, December 22, 2006

Corner Shop sympathises with Thorntons

Daft Geordie writes resignation on MySpace!

The young man to your left is 20 year old Steve Beall from Whitley Bay, who was until recently the rather less than happy manager of Thorntons confectioners in Barrow-in-Furness. That is, until he ill advisedly wrote these comments on his MySpace blog:

"Well then what is there to say about Barrow in Furness apart from its a s**t hole!!. How the hell people live there I never no (sic). Its very rough, give me Newcastle any day and staying in a travel lodge by yourself for over a week is very boring!. I am the manager of the new Thorntons. I'm so stressed and need to drink."

Steve no longer works at Thorntons, he needed a police escort to get him out of town safely, Thorntons were inundated with angry locals, they are now giving chocolates away for free!

You can read the full story - here.

Curly has some experience of disgruntled staff with MySpace sites, and it is not a good experience. The MySpace network of blogs seems to be populated with young people, under the age of thirty, who have little regard for the protection of their own identities (and you know how keen I am on this subject), or the feelings of their so-called colleagues and workmates. These "dead heads" are quite content to use their own names on their sites, and those of their "mates" at work, some even put their addresses online - just how naive can you be?
I have to admit that I do ask a lot of my staff at the Corner Shop and can be quite demanding at times. I need my staff to show some commitment and flexibility when we are at the peak of our trading patterns, so it comes as something a little more than a nuisance to see your staff writing their inane thoughts, rants, ravings, and even personal insults in their blogs. Worse still to see the good name of Curly's Corner Shop being dragged through the mud and witness other employees looking on in dismay at the wreckless meanderings of these imbecilic shop assistants.

As a caring employer I was left with little choice but to remove the pleasure of working in the Corner Shop from almost 50% of my staff, where I went wrong was in failing to send them to Barrow-in-Furness for a six month stint in acquainting themselves with customers of a more discerning nature!

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