Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Building Heaven (or was it Hebburn)

Hebburn is a place on Earth

It comes as no surprise to read of Cllr. Eddie McAtominey's wit in this evening's edition of the Shields Gazette, the veteran Labour Councillor is renowned for his dry sense of humour and combative debating skills. He does, however, need taking to task over the remarks he is reported to have made during a recent meeting of South Tyneside District Council.

According to Cllr. McAtominey (pictured) a clergyman misheard him after enquiring where he came from - the cleric thought that the councillor had said Heaven, rather than Hebburn ( a rather massive, but human error). McAtominey, who represents Hebburn South went on to tell the meeting:

"I told this clergyman that the town isn't quite Heaven - but we're getting there!"

I was rather hoping that some member of the opposition group might have been able to remind him that God built Heaven and Earth in six days and rested on the seventh, he did it using private enterprise in a not for profit operation, with a little help along the way from volunteer groups! Hebburn, on the other hand, has suffered under the dead hand of Socialism for at least 62 years, maybe longer, yet the job still isn't complete!

God, perhaps, was lucky that he didn't need to submit his plans for approval, redraft them 14 times, set up a consultative exercise, involve the Local Community Area Forum, get knocked back by four separate committees, suffer the indignity of handing over the job to someone else after being deselected by the local party, he didn't have to have the permission of a mass of trade unions, he had no strikes to deal with, or waste time listening to a parade of petitioners and objectors, nimbys were unheard of then.

However, a 'modernising' Labour Party might be able to see a way of completing the task before the end of this century!

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