Sunday, November 26, 2006

Making your views heard to the council.

Join a complaints choir.

I was having a rejoinder the other night with one of our esteemed but nameless South Tyneside Labour Councillors in the local after the Wolves v Sunderland match. I had consumed two or three pints of my favoured grog, the councillor may have consumed even more, I don't know - he was already in there before I arrived. To cut a long story short, at closing time he advised me that he would not be replying to my latest email as I spend too much time "taking the piss" out of him on that "bloody website of yours"!

Charming to the last.

So what is one to do, if one wants questions answered, if one wants to hold the council to account? Perhaps I should have emailed the Executive Director of the relevant department at the town hall in the first place, after all most of the responses I receive from Labour councillors take the form of a polite note with the director's comments attached, or the directors themselves are instructed to send a reply directly to me. Seems a lot of our councillors are not capable of putting together a concise reply of their own.

I wish to complain! Anyone want to join me? Why don't we form a choir and stand on the town hall steps and sing in unison? Perhaps if the complaint is well received Unison, the union, might decide to join in too!

What's wrong with the man? I always thought that if you put up for the council, you expected to get shot at. Is he jealous of Tony Blair and His American friend who probably have some cartoon or other in every Town Hall in the country. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen - school kitchen or otherwise.
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