Friday, November 24, 2006

It's not just the Christmas message that's under attack!

Christian students suffering.

Whilst I have posted recently about the watering down of the message of Christmas here and here, it has not escaped my notice that Christianity itself appears to be undergoing a period of persecution within this realm.

Student Union Associations and university authorities have taken action against Christian Unions at Exeter, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Heriot-Watt Universities, and are attempting to force the Christian student bodies to accept anyone regardless of faith, ethnicity, or sexuality to sit on their ruling committees and address their meetings. The Christian Unions say they should be allowed to restrict membership of their committees to those who share their faith and beliefs.

These Unions are now suffering a loss of priveleges on university campuses including exclusion from university buildings, and removal from the lists of approved university societies.

The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, the umbrella group for Britain’s 350 Christian unions, has described the problems faced by CUs on campuses as "unprecedented" during the course of its 83-year history. Pod Bhogal, the fellowship’s head of communications, said that the discrimination was the result of "political correctness gone mad" and an increasingly secularist agenda across all aspects of society.

Today The Times published a letter from leading clerics, including eight Bishops and a former Archbishop of Canterbury, which urges the universities to reconsider their stance and gives backing to moves within the Christian Unions to test the decision in the courts.

Curly views the decisions taken at these universities as persecution, illogical secularism, and "political correctness" going " off the scale", what is next on their agendas - banning socialist societies who disallow Tories? For heavens' sake chaps "get real". These decisions from so called academics play directly into the hands of the lunatics in the parties of the far right and gives them the feeble excuse they need to continue their mindless attacks on those of minority faiths, and ethnicity, a situation we could well do without. This creeping secularism is doing nothing at all to protect minority interests, it is harming Christianity and other faiths in equal measure.

Apparently, at this time of year, we are supposed to extend "peace and goodwill towards all men", shall we start within the educational establishments?

Suggested reading - Archbishop Cranmer November 18th.


The Times Online

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