Friday, October 13, 2006

Sion Simon, complete prat!

Spoof "Dave" video

Labour MP Sion Simon has caused quite a stir by making a spoof video in a parody of the WebCameron entries, in his poorest attempt at comedy he extols us (talking as "Dave") to take his wife and kids "it's cool".
Jack Straw has already criticised him for taking politics down to a much too personal level, meanwhile Cameron is quite relaxed about it having seen his web traffic boosted from about 200 visits per day to over 2,300.

Labour MP Stephen Pound described it as "a new low in British politics". He said the remarks about Mr Cameron's children were disturbing and he thought Mr Cameron's wife, Samantha, would be hurt and insulted. "It's one of those areas you don't make jokes about," he added.

Here is Sion Simon making a complete prat of himself!


The Guardian


Sion Simon and Tom Watson, the goons responsible for this video have issued an apology and removed it from YouTube, but of course you cannot delete anything from this internetwebby thing, it's back there courtesy of Biased BBC.

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