Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The right must be defeated?

Another Cameroony conundrum.

Simon Heffer in today's Telegraph comment suggests that Cameron's moves to "change" the face of the Conservative Party, and in doing so deal a blow to the right wing of the party, will result in his undoing. Here is an extract from his article:

There are some dangerous assumptions behind this assertion, however. The first is that the Right of the party (as Mr Cameron and his friends define it) is relatively small: it isn't, neither among the base of activists nor in the parliamentary party. The second is that the desire to win the election will override the distaste many people feel for the lack of policy and the tree-hugging, bunny-hugging, hoodie-hugging cult Mr Cameron is trying to create: in many cases it will but, equally, in many it won't, hence the considerable numbers of paid-up members who are also UKIP devotees. The third is that the "victory" Mr Cameron will be able to have over the "Right" - which he can easily achieve by refusing to listen to their concerns about policy, making no changes to his style, and consigning those who oppose him to outer darkness - will be final, triumphant, and absolute. It won't. In politics, these things never are. And these people can, and will, do infinitely more damage to him and his ambitions than he imagines, precisely because they are about substance and not about image, and will increasingly engage with Labour on substantial matters.

You can read the full article - here.

It is this very concentration on image and the lack of policy substance that so annoys me, the Conservative Party can create great alternatives to offer the people, the party could recover it's position in Scotland, it could govern for years, but it is unlikely to do so by cloning Blairspeak. It's traditions demand that we talk of small government, prudent spending, benevolence coupled with personal responsibility, free trade and free enterprise - never mind "hug a mugger!"

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