Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lacking inspiration

Must be my age!

There are some days when you want to blog, and some days when you want to just sit down quietly and not even look at a keyboard, yesterday was one of those days. There was not a single item of news, national or local, that either excited, amused, or angered me. I could not find the inspiration to think about events and how they might affect us in South Shields, there was nothing that could shake me out of mental lethargy.

The least inspiring thoughts that I had were about the Conservative Party conference, words like insipid, meaningless, and bland came to mind. Where is all the real debate? It was almost the same with the Labour conference, what has happened to the great debates that once happened in these meetings? The Bournemouth bore is becoming a marketing exercise for brand Cameron with very little in the way of policy initiatives, Blairspeak Mark ll, with the real activities happening in the fringe meetings, if it isn't inspiring me then my guess is it is having the same dulling effect on others and the next batch of opinion polls will probably reflect this.

Perhaps it was because I was winding down the last day of my 49th. year - today I am 50! Am I suddenly diving into the pool of the "older generation"? I awoke today to the site of banners and balloons all over the house and front door, my work colleagues had surprised me too with great generosity (thanks everyone), my children were all excited!

Someone still thinks I'm a big kid at heart!

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