Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jarrow girl admits false rape claim.

Isn't it time for a change in the law?

A man gets arrested under suspicion of rape, his name is made public, he becomes a pariah, treat like a leper in society, he will be forever remembered as the man in "that rape case" (even though there was never a case). The fact that his fifteen year old accuser has withdrawn the allegation and admitted her story was a tissue of lies, is neither here nor there, "mud sticks" as they say!

Poor Mr. Molloy will carry this episode around with him for a long time indeed, he will become used to the gossip and whispering behind his back, (or perhaps not), whilst his juvenile accuser will be able - after swallowing the official police caution - to get on with building her life.

This is SO WRONG!

Surely it is time to look at some amendment to the current procedures under the law: my view on rape allegations is that the names of both the accused and the accuser should remain confidential from the time of arrest until the conclusion of any case. Mr. Molloy's only path for restoration of his reputation is through a civil court, with all of the costs that it will involve, and a fifteen year old girl is unlikely to be able to afford to may much in the way of damages.

Perhaps our MPs might like to think of raising these matters in higher circles!


Shields Gazette.

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