Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fatsos, Boris, and Ketchup

The school dinner battlefront.

It seems that hardly a day goes by without the interfering influence of "nanny state" or the "politically correct" brigade. Today the battleground has moved to our children's school dining halls.

Not content with the Jamie Oliver revolution in school meals provision, certain North-East councils have now banned the use of tomato ketchup by our kids (all in the best interests of their health of course). Others have severely rationed it down to as little as a teaspoonfull. Little wonder that Boris is up in arms in full support of mothers who pass pies through the school fence! (You must read the comments on this.)

When will they all learn that we are getting just a wee bit tired of the interfering and would like to be left with just a little modicum of choice for ourselves? Luckily the situation is not totally beyond repair in South Tyneside, where the dinner ladies at Hadrian School on the Lawe Top have taken to making their own ketchup, and, according to Guy Basnett's report in this morning's Journal, some folks actually like this salt, sugar, and preservative free version!

Chips were designed to be consumed with Heinz ketchup for heaven's sake!

South Tyneside's resident school meals tester, Councillor Jimmy Foreman, was unavailable for comment.


The Journal

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