Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Cameroony conundrum

Where's the beef?

"A Conservative party has to stand for a smaller state and lower taxes, for freedom of the individual rather than an interventionist state. It has to believe that private enterprise is generally better at doing things than the public sector. It has to demonstrate that it would be more effective at controlling crime and immigration than Labour. Above all, it has to show that it believes in something. Mr Cameron has yet to show that he believes in anything other than Mr Cameron."

The latest opinion polls show that the lead built up in favour of the Conservative Party has been frittered away, even amongst women voters Cameron's appeal is waning. We have long criticised Labour for it's spin and lack of substance, yet the new Conservative leader steadfastly refuses to make solid policy announcements despite increasing calls for the party to stand for lower taxation.

We need to see some real substance at the Bournemouth conference, let's not travel the path of soundbites and glossy images.


The Times Online

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