Thursday, September 14, 2006

Passes and protests

Labour plans to stifle debate at Conference

The Labour Party's control freaks have taken control of the arrangements for the party conference in Manchester, they have already drawn up a list of Labour activists, ostensibly with a criminal record, who will not be allowed passes for the meeting. This is the first stage in weeding out those likely to "heckle" the Prime Minister on the second leg of his "legacy" farewell tour. There will be no repeats (it is hoped) of incidents similar to the eviction and detention of Walter Wolfgang at last year's conference when he had the temerity to utter "rubbish" in response to Blair's words (
Wolfgang of course is now able to cause the hierarchy more headaches as he has been elected to the Labour Party National Executive Committee!) -does this mean there will be no need for South Shields' Wally Hobson to spend a few days at the gym flexing his muscles in advance of the gathering?

A further sign of Labour's "news management" is evident in the decision of the City of Manchester Council to ban a planned protest by Military Families Against the War, who wished to set up a peace camp in the city's Albert Square, having already protested in Downing Street and Trafalgar Square.

John Miller, whose South Shields son Corporal Simon Miller, 21, was one of six redcaps murdered at Majar-al-Kabir in Iraq in 2003, said it was a conspiracy:

"It is outrageous that the protest has been banned. My son, and many others, were killed by a decision the Prime Minister made and it is only fair that we are allowed to make our views known to him. Labour are scared because they don't want the war to come back and haunt them at their party conference. Over the last few years when people have demonstrated over the war they get taken away or dragged off. When Walter Wolfgang protested at last year's conference he was forcibly ejected. We are supposed to have gone to war to impose democracy but it seems we have got less democracy in this country than in many middle eastern countries. People are not allowed to have their say - unless they agree with Blair. The Prime Minister talks about democracy a lot but he doesn't practice what he preaches."

Does anyone remember the "big conversation" that Blair and Brown intended to have with the people of this country?


The Daily Mail

Wolfgang shouted 'Rubbish' at Jack Straw (then the Foreign Secretary), not Blair...
Thanks Will_b, that just shows how much the memory plays tricks when you get to my age!
When it comes right down to it there is little difference between the politicians, I hear the same kind of thing in my corner of the world - labour, conservative, democrat, republican - no difference - same people different spin - same result, the little guy gets screwed.
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