Friday, September 22, 2006

Labour party to be bailed out by taxpayers?

Blears looks for rule change.

The Labour Party is almost 27 million pounds in debt, and since Inspector John Yates started his "cash for peerages" enquiry the big donors and "lenders" have started to dry up, well, who would wish to be associated in these circumstances?

So, to where does the party wish to turn to help it out of a bad spot? The taxpayer of course. Party Chairman Hazel Blears believes that Labour, as the party of government, should get more public money to help in it's political activities. Read more - here

any political party be substantially financed by the taxpayer? I suspect that the vast majority of us would say no, all political parties should endeavour to raise their funds from their members and supporters, without inducements!

If this financial crisis weren't bad enough, Iain Dale asserts that the "cash for peerages" enquiry will not go away, and that Martin Bright's article in next week's New Statesman will hand another pin to Yates to stick in the old doll.

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I`ve yet to see Hazel Blears interviewed on television and not think that the woman is an idiot. Is she actually played by Brenda Blethyn?
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