Thursday, September 14, 2006

Identity crisis.

"Big Brother" state moves another step closer.

Phil Booth, of the NO2ID campaign, said:

"From now on, you can assume that anything you tell to an official or public servant will not only go on your record, but be passed on to anyone at all in "the public interest" - which has already been neatly redefined to mean 'official convenience'.

How many thousands of officials will now have free rein to snoop on your personal, business and children's lives?'

He was referring to the blandly-worded 'vision statement' issued yesterday by Lord Falconer's Department for Constitutional Affairs. This 'statement' proposes a huge multi-sourced database which could be accessed by thousands of civil and public service employees prying into the private lives of our citizens and would allow them access to details on every piece of minutae about us and our children. The Daily Mail describes it as a 'sinister' expansion of the "big brother' state.

Lord Falconer appears to wish the watering down of the Data Protection Act, which was meant to safeguard our privacy, to allow his plans to be forced through. Instead of the country's 400,000 civil servants having to search various databases whenever they feel the need to find out information about our lives, they would in future be able to consult one central access point to delve deeper to their hearts content.

Whilst the big headlines shout about the War against Terror, crime statistics, the Labour leadership crisis, the financial mess in the NHS, or the mishandling of events in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can be sure that Tony's cronies are beavering away, working hard at eroding our personal freedoms, stealthily building the foundations of a Stalinist d:ream.

Wake up people, this is for real, and things are not getting better!


The Daily Mail

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