Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Brown sneaks in

Gordon Brown to move into No. 10

Apparently on the advice of "security officials" Chancellor Gordon Brown will be moving his wife and family into the flat above No. 10 Downing Street within the next few days. This is being done with the full agreement of Tony and Cherie Blair in a bizarre twist to Labour's leadership crisis.

As Peter Hain begins to map out his challenge for the Deputy Leader's job, one might speculate what might happen if another MP decides to challenge Gordon Brown for the leadership, the Chancellor apparently didn't want the news of his move into No. 10 to break too early in case he was seen to be "looking presumptious". The move was confirmed by his office last night after it was leaked by others -possibly within Downing Street.

Whilst the problems gather apace for the Labour Party - Tony Blair will face a frosty reception at the TUC Conference today - Opposition Leader David Cameron is doing a sterling job of keeping his nose out of Labour's affairs, there is absolutely no need for negative politics in this matter, so he calmly lets the story unfold publicly to allow us to make our own judgements.

My judgement?

Yes - it's very presumptious Gordon!


The Times Online

I've got a funny feeling it all may go horribly wrong for Gordon. Here's hoping.
Funny, I too think his "plot" is about to go "arse over tit".
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