Monday, August 07, 2006

A thunder in your..........

Leo Sayer closes out Bents Park concerts

Reading the local newspapers today served to remind me of how dreadful the weather was yesterday, and how we British could never hold a conversation if the subject of the weather was banned!

I found myself working behind the counter of the Corner Shop, and those of you who know the place will appreciate how uncomfortable it can get when the temperature is at either end of the extremes. The Corner Shop has four corrugated tin walls and a corrugated tin roof, when the external temperature reaches 55 f. the inside starts to roast everyone as though they were inside a huge convection fan oven. Yet in winter it has the attributes of a gigantic refrigerated butcher's meat room. So yesterday when the temperature had reached 65 f. we were wandering about suffering hallucinations with our liquified brains running down our shirt fronts, in short it was awful!

It was little better outside either - I felt for the huge crowd that would have assembled in the Bents Park, South Shields for the final free concert of the summer season this year. I would have been amongst them had it been my weekend off. A crowd approaching 12,000 gathered to listen to Leo Sayer belting out his hits, including his recent British No. 1 "Thunder in my heart", which must have started to sound very appropriate as dark dense clouds rolled over the sea front threatening a thundery downpour, as it was we only experienced a heavy shower that cooled the skin nicely but did little to relieve the oppressive humidity. Sayer was late on stage after spending much time signing autographs on his third visit to the town - I tell you, this is THE place to be in summer!

I don't know how old Leo Sayer is these days, but I remember his first appearance on whispering Bob Harris' Old Grey Whistle Test dressed in a funny clown's suit with an unusual falsetto voice. It was rather different to any of the other acts around at the time (apart from David Bowie who was almost a cross dresser back then.)

However, some things just never change, Leo Sayer still has a daft hair style!


Evening Chronicle

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