Monday, August 21, 2006

Strange Alliances?

Candidate moves to Lib-Dems.

In the forthcoming by-election in the Cleadon Village and East Boldon Ward, businessman Alan Mordain will be the candidate for the Lib-Dems. This is all very strange, Mr. Mordain (his school picture can be seen here) last stood as a candidate for the Independant Alliance, the grouping formed by his business partner Cllr. Allen Branley.

Mr . Mordain reckons that the Lib-Dems asked him to stand and he was only too pleased to oblige. Considering that the Independant Alliance had not put a candidate in the ward at the last election, or indeed this election, speculation is mounting about the motives of Mr. Mordain. Could this be a pre-cursor to getting the Lib-Dems onboard with the Alliance? Alan Mordain is reported to have agreed to stand for the Lib-Dems only on condition that, if he was elected, he would have the freedom to vote as he was pleased within the Council chamber (something of a novelty for Lib-Dem members who seem to have a subscription to join in with Labour on votes.)

Branmore Investments of Thomas Street, South Shields, had acquired the site of the former Middle Dock in South Shields in 2001, and a 200 million pound development was planned to include a marina, four-star hotel, executive homes, restaurants and promenade cafes, and create 1000 permanent jobs! South Tyneside Council granted outline planning permission for the scheme in 2003. You can read more about it here, and here.

The by-election has been caused by the resignation of Conservative Philip Parkinson who failed to attend sufficient Council meetings to justify his membership, at the same time a furore
broke out about the expenses claimed by his fellow Conservative, David Potts. Currently, on South Tyneside Council, two members do not claim any expenses at all, they are Cllrs. Allen and Jane Branley.

Other candidates in the by-election on September 14th. are -fellow blogger and Sunderland supporter- Lewis Atkinson (Labour), Christopher Haine (Green Party), Jeffrey Milburn (Conservative Party).

Curly, a few choice quotes for you from Alan Mordain's election literature in May:

"I shall have none of the shackles which restrain those candidates representing the main political parties"

"Tackle issues which residents identify, not those put forward by a political party"

"Cleadon and East Boldon have mostly returned Lib Dem or Conservative members as ward councillors. These have traditionally been conditioned to follow the national party doctrine"

Doesn't he seem to have changed his tune quickly!
Political expedience normally comes after long experience, does this make Mr. Mordain a quick learner?
It seems odd that the major partners in multi-million pound development should wish to be on the Council together, but with the Conservative vote likely to be softer after the recent well reported events, other candidates may well have spotted an opportunity to be expedient!
the branleys and co are trying to get a dictator like grip of south tyneside...............................................................public opinion says steer well clear of this alliance as it spell trouble take it from me .
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