Saturday, August 12, 2006


I'm THAT pessimistic!

After following the fortunes and disasters of Sunderland AFC for over fourty years I think I am entitled to make a rather early prediction that the current squad of players are already staring at relegation. The Mighty Quinn's "Magic Carpet ride" is already looking remarkably threadbare and there is not enough pace or power to lift this carpet off the dust!

Poor Quinn and his Drumaville consortium must now know the immense magnitude of the task in hand, after the opening three games of the new season the players have responded in the usual fashion, heads bowed, chests heaving, legs leaden, and running around in a blind panic whenever a goal is conceded. Hence another three defeats to add to the growing list. This is more than a crisis of confidence, although this is a factor, the quality of some of the players isn't even high enough to play at Championship level, Danny Collins today had the sort of game that would have ensured a long stay on the bench if he were playing for Carlisle United. Rory Delap considered versatile is just that - a"jack of all trades and master of none", whilst the signing of Clive Clarke would not, in my opinion, meet Quinn's requirements that any new players must be better than those being replaced. There is no way that Clarke is as good as Ringo, besides we now have another injured player, Clarke will miss the next few games.
Lawrence and Whitehead, so far, have not played anywhere near their potential and up front Elliott is taking forever to find some match sharpness (today's goal will help), Stead should not be in this division, and Murphy looks the only striker likely to bag more than ten goals this season.

I wonder why Robbie Elliott was brought in and not used, (we have no other left footed players available), and when will we see what Riera can do?

Yes this team requires major surgery, just to survive this season, and Quinn knows only too well that it is becoming extremely difficult to persuade half decent players to up sticks and come to The Stadium of Light. As the month progresses his problems will worsen, confidence will drain further, injuries will become a MAJOR factor, and seat sales will suffer too.

If only Bob Murray had concluded negotiations with Quinn's group much sooner, he may have had a better chance of getting a manager and some new players bedded in before the season began, but that's water under the bridge now.

We are in for a long tough haul this season, sitting on the magic carpet wondering if it will ever take off.

3 games gone you really have the loosing takes time to adjust to the CCC get over it Mackems
What division should Stead be in then? I'd give him to Accrington Stanley but they are now a league team.

I don't know your age but if you are as old as me you will remember going through the same phases of depression when your team was languouring in the old second division, helped enormously by a board containing Gordon McKeeg and Lord Westwood.


I don't think it would be right or fair to lumber Accrington Stanley with Jon Stead, they are getting along quite nicely without him.
What are Martin Smith and Craig Russell doing now? They've got to be better than this lot.
Other than the Prince of Wales, I'm not sure that I know anyone else with extra large ears, but thanks for the input Wingnut.

I have to agree with your evaluation.
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