Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Killer youths on the loose!

More bad news for dogs.

The Shields Gazette reports in the online edition today that a gang of youths threw a brown and white springer spaniel over the bridge that crosses the A19 Tyne Tunnel approach road. Horrified motorists screeched to a halt as the dog landed in front of them - the dog died from multiple injuries.

Just what is it with some kids these days? What sort of fun do they get from such a sick and vile act of disregard for an animal and it's welfare (and not a thought for it's owner either.) Most criminologists agree that the vast majority of the psychopathic killers in our jails started their malevolence with similar acts of cruelty to defenceless animals - it is only a short step to take.

Some folks out there are the parents of potential psychos!


The Shields Gazette

Hi Curly
Trying to get by from the loss of our puppy in tragic circumstances, you read something like this. I honestly don't know where this kind of behaviour comes from, never and I mean never have I ever heard of anybody, or even been told that somebody knows somebody that is into or has done anything like this in my life. This is probably only one of the three with the actual total disregard for life and they test the water by killing animals and small things, but their desire gets stronger as they get older. Actually read something about this before, can be of normal personallity, not the old I do this cos I'm having trouble at home type, can be a straight down the road type mate, but ever so often they do something like this. So being three there at the time you got the sick one, another who will find it not quite right but says nowt, and hopefully the other one will come forward or make then known somehow to someone. Surely if you had a mate like that it goes beyond being cool dont you think to kill animals as a pass time. Let's just hope the three are actually in to it.
My above last line should have beem, "Let's hope the three aren't into it" meaning that if three boys together into that sort of behavior, well, watch out Jarrow there's going to be trouble. I read once that they progress their way up in size until they reach a horse....Next step could either be cattle or human.
We need to teach them the value of life, how I don't know.
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