Monday, August 14, 2006

Killer dog on the loose!

Attack of the killer Akita

Curly was as shocked as everyone else to learn last week of the attack by an Akita dog on a defenceless Jack Russell puppy, Lisa Allen, 15, the puppy's owner was of course extremely upset and distraught at the senseless mauling and killing of her small pet. Conversely the owner of the Akita attack dog was reported in the Shields Gazette as showing no emotion as she extricated the dying puppy from the monster's jaws.

We now learn that such a dog cannot be described (legally) as dangerous or out of control unless it attacks a human. Apparently this distinction is made in the Dangerous Dogs Act.

After reading of my experience of being attacked by a pack of six dogs near Station Road, Lisa's father Michael has emailed the Corner Shop with these thoughts;

After my reading of your comment where you were face to face with travellers and their dogs, be comforted by the fact the Police actually sent someone to see you.
Following the savage attack and killing of my Jack Russell Puppy by what Police described as a dog not on the list of Dangerous Dogs, (the Japanese Aikita), on 7th August as reported by Shields Gazette Friday 11th August, I contacted Police and was told there was nothing much that could be done after the incident unless the owner could be traced. If I can trace the owner ring back.
Two Days later after amazing community support and detection help, plus my local Dog Warden, the owner was tracked down. I phoned the Police and gave them this information. This time the incident was logged and I was told, as you probably were at the time, it's non urgent but an officer would be round to see me as soon as possible. After nine hours a phone call from South Tyneside Area command informed me there was nothing that could be done, the incident is dog on dog so the Police can not do anything. So unlike yourself I can not even consider having the owner visited to warn them even of this horrific incident. They were responsible for it as the Aikita was not on a lead, and they didn't have any control over it in a public place. This to me is frightening, Aikita's are very powerful dangerous dogs and on this occasion I'm lucky really the dog decided to attack my pup and not my daughter who was in the process of picking up the pup when the Aikita struck. How can we bleat on about taking Animal Welfare seriously if this can go unpunished, please maybe you can help me answer this as I'm recieving closed doors at every turn, even the RSPCA claimed the dog on dog thing. Have our domestic pets any rights against these predators walking casually amongst us, daily in public areas. Or will it be 1990's again where the law wont be changed until one of these beasts attacks a child.A warning, an average toddler would stand as much chance as my puppy did against these Japanese Aikita's. Read temperament etc on a great info on dogs site at - firstly read Aikita then read Tosa which is on the Dangerous Dog Act list. Explain the difference in temperamental background, if anything Aikita poses more of a threat to the public than the Tosa, thus the Act needs looking at and changed fast before we are talking about a childs death. That wont be a subject I'd smile about saying I told you so.

Thanks for your time, I'm not leaving this matter unheard and propose a meeting with David Miliband to see what he's going to do about this threat now he's aware of it and it's right on his door step.

Michael Allen
Father of teenager on front of paper holding picture of her pup.

Michael has since emailed David Miliband, and because his is the responsible Department, he is faced with a conflict of interest in trying to make a decision on behalf of one of his constituents, David is now trying to find a neutral local MP to raise the matter on Mr. Allen's behalf. I hope this approach succeeds and that Parliament is able to seek an amendment to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The website given by Michael quotes this about the Japanese Akita;

The Akita is very aggressive to other dogs and animals and should therefore never be allowed to run off its lead around other animals. It should definitely be supervised with other household pets and children. They are capable of ferocity, but with firm training, can make a fine pet. Obedience training requires patience, as these dogs tend to get bored quickly. The breed has had many uses, first as an Imperial guard dog, then as a fighting dog, hunter of deer and bear, for sledding, and for police, army and guard work.

The Japanese may be well versed in training and controlling the Akita, but one has to question whether they make a suitable pet for a family in suburban homes in Britain.


The Shields Gazette.

Curly, Thank you for your support and kindness, infact the whole Biddick Hall area for the support and kind words. We've been getting letters and cards from all over South Tyneside, and just goes to show when one of us is down, as Geordies we pull together as a community, that's why Im proud of this town and the people in it. As for the law, well thats another matter and Ive been pointed by the right people to the highest levels so someone is doing something, I just hope it can be resolved, because to me just getting the dog destroyed that done it is not justice. The dog was not to blame in any way shape or form, but it's the one that will end up being put down so in reality, that owner is responsible for the death of two dogs.

Speak again soon....
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