Thursday, August 31, 2006

Houdini Hamlani

A reporters lot is not a happy one.

Readers will recall my recent post regarding the criminal behaviour of David Hamlani, the son of Detective Constable Stephen Hamlani. The 17 year old, high on drink and drugs attacked a Jarrow woman in July in an attempt to get the keys to her car, after struggling with her he retreated across the road hurling abuse, dropped his trousers and exposed himself.

In the Magistrates Court, Hamlani's solicitor, Mr. Chris Brown attempted to involve his father D.C. Hamlani in persuading the court not to publish the young man's address in case it identified the father and "sullied the family name". Readers will also recall the links that I posted showing older Shields Gazette reports on the court appearance of his older brother for aggravated motoring offences. The presumption therefore must be that the family name had already been "sullied".

Yesterday the magistates ensured that David Hamlani will stay in a young offenders institution until the end of November, but amazingly upheld their earlier decision not to allow the Gazette reporter to release his address. Further shock must be felt by the public, that having been found guilty of the offence of exposing himself in public they deemed that it was not necessary to add his name to the Sex Offenders' register. No doubt the Gazette reporter at the court made another application to have the lad's address released into the public domain so that the public can be aware of the risks posed by those living in their neighbourhood, this would account for the exceptionally long five hour hearing. I can just imagine the ding dongs between the man from the press and Mr. Brown the solicitor. (The address of the Hamlani family is already in the public domain and is easilly traced on the internet, by those who know where to look.)

I firmly believe that the magistrates have not made a decision which reflects the public's concern and I feel sure that the decision not to have his name added to the Sex Offenders' register will not sit too comfortably with the public or the victim either. I can imagine that the decision will be seen by most as a more of a comfort to the Hamlani family than it is to the victims of their crimes.


The Shields Gazette

It is an ablsolute disgrace that this young thug [criminal] has been given a cushion just because his father is in the public sector, yet another case of one law for the people of the country who pay through the nose to get were they are and another law for the people who supposedly keep us safe. What happened to the police view on blaming the parents and making them pay??? i think you will find houdinis father cant remember saying that.
Disgruntled hebburn lad.
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