Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dark clouds overhead

Niall Quinn's post match email

"I sit here watching the dark clouds gathering overhead, the temperature is rising, and things feel a little stiflingly warm here, they say that troubled times are ahead, and that the warnings have already been issued. I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance and I'm sure that it's heading this way, oh yes, these are indeed dark days!

The weather forecast is just as bad too.

I arrived here a few weeks later than I would have ideally liked, if only those damned negotiations with Bob had concluded earlier, oh well, water under the bridge I suppose. I might have had a half decent chance of encouraging a world class manager to come to the club if me and the lads from the pub had taken up the challenge straight after the last game of last season, hey ho, that wasn't to be either. Big Fat Sam didn't want to come, and the Irish lad, what's his name, oh yes, O'Neill, he decided he'd rather poke around in the dying embers of deadly Doug's regime at Villa, I'm sure he talked little Superkev into going to the Baggies too. Oh well, so it all got off to a bit of a nasty start, but I think I did the right thing by signing up some of the players to new deals, some of them are contracted for the next four years which will be quite good if they start to play some football!

That's how I ended up managing the team as well as playing club chairman, it isn't easy you know, but we all sat around the table mulling over a few pints of Guinness and the lads said you got us into this thing, it was your idea to buy Bob's place, so we're putting you up front. Don't worry they said, with the luck of the Irish you'll get by o.k. I promised the fans a magic carpet ride, and I feel so sorry for them now, I think we forgot to put the petrol in, it's still stuck to the floor. Sacko screams and bawls at it, but it still refuses to budge, he's a laugh isn't he?

Yes, I feel so sorry for the fans, I tried my best, but after the string of results which we've had, mind you we've played some pretty good football at times, I've decided to chuck in the towel, bit like the players really. Why do so many Mackems decide to travel hundreds of miles to watch such crap these days anyway?

Things should improve shortly, you'll be glad to hear, I've managed to persuade a few foreign players to come and join us, seems the British ones just can't be had for love nor money, or they don't want to come here anymore. The better news is that I'm pretty certain we'll have a world class manager here next week, I can't tell you too much, but he was a great assistant coach for one of the teams that played in the World Cup Qualifiers but didn't quite make it to Germany, so things are looking up!

After the five defeats we've had, last night's result didn't come as too much of a surprise, mind you Bury must be fuming that they only had ten men to play against, the Spanish lad, whatsisname, oh yes, Arnau, decided he'd seen enough after the game kicked off, so he got himself sent off. Mind you I can't blame him, Gigg Lane isn't exactly the Bernabau now is it?

Perhaps we can cheer you up next Monday when we play West Brom, why not come along and boo at that little turncoat Philips, get your voices warmed up for the full time whistle.

Well, we can only look forward to the next game, I'll be sending out my strongest possible team, won't know half the names until Monday lunchtime though, it's that hectic in the transfer market, you know what I mean, but I'm sure if we all get behind them they'll run a mile, scared stiff again."


Niall Quinn.

Big Mr Quinn will come up with the goods in the long run. Anybody who thought he would buy the club and we'd begin to play top class football and take this division by storm must honestly say in open discussion that was just a pipe dream surely. Going straight back up would yeild yet another disaster I feel. At least 3 seasons in the championship would do us good, rebuild, at the moment quinn's group are an unknown quantity so you can see why even the likes of Super Kev didn't want to return. We need to rebuild from the bottom up, gathering experience as we go, but not slipping to far behind were we are fighting to stay in this division, drop any further and that would be the end definately I think. They seems to be a cloud over the name Sunderland that comes into force when a whistle is blown and we kick off. Carrying on from last season I feel this need to break our duck has to come very quickly, cos if teams like Southend and Bury can take us, then all hop is lost. Next South Shields XI will be beating them when they fall further and further down the divisons. What exactly went wrong do you think. 2 seasons in the premiership where we finished 7th. From next season onwards we've been a total disaster apart from championship winning side number 3 wasn't it. Apart from that Sunderland have been dreadful, I'll admit we've picked up some strange records along the way like, most bizzare being, the only team ever to score 4 goals and get beat 3 - 1 how about that then. Only Sunderland could do that.
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