Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Crusher Reid

Dr. John backs Gazette campaign.

The Shields Gazette has won the support of the Home Secretary Dr. John Reid in their campaign to remove the tiresome minimoto bikes from the streets, parks, and open places of South Tyneside. These ridiculously small petrol motored noise monsters are nothing but an absolute menace to society, they are a collection of accidents just waiting to happen, indeed one youth has already met an early death after riding one of these machines. Many parents are either unaware that their children are breaking the law by riding these bikes, or are fully aware and don't care. These machines require a licence, road tax, and insurance, yet most regard them as "toys". They should only be driven on private land with the landowner's permission.

In my neighbourhood two youths were very recently reprieved as my car just missed them as they sped out of a side street and across a major junction, they may not be so lucky if there is a next time.

Dr. Reid had this to say;

"They are not only a nuisance, but very dangerous when used in an unauthorised fashion - as the tragic death of a teenager in Newcastle a few months ago shows. Parents may not actually realise that it's illegal to drive a minimoto anywhere other than on private land (with permission) - that means it's illegal to ride them on the road, in parks or on pavements. If someone is caught driving one illegally, they face points on their driving licence or a ban if it is a repeat offence. They might also get a fine and the police could seize the bike and crush it.
If a child who is too young to have a driving licence is caught, they still get points on any future licence. And that is likely to lead to a hefty hike in insurance premiums - if they can even get cover in the first place.
I am determined that people in South Tyneside should be able to enjoy their community free from the harassment and noise of mini-motorbikes.
So our Respect Task Force will be leading a crackdown on the illegal use of minimotos this summer.
This is exactly the kind of anti-social behaviour people want us to get to grips with because it really affects their quality of life. Northumbria Police received 3,000 complaints about off-road bike issues in the last year and we know there are problems of bike racing along river towpaths and around estates."

It seems that anti-social behaviour is the flavour of the month these days, and I'm sure that Dr. Reid will not be unfamiliar with such antics, riding a noisy small bike around the office, for instance, is just the sort of anti-social behaviour that the Deputy Prime Minister has been indulging in.

The Gazette gives even more coverage to the anti-social antics of New Labour in it's pages tonight, at last week's meeting of the Borough Council two female Progressive Councillors were driven to tears and had to remove themselves from the Council Chamber as Cllr. John McCabe launched an attack on them for failing to attend meetings of a scrutiny committee. As we all are aware Cllrs. Marjorie Robinson and Enid Heatherington are the daughters of the late Alderman Harry Marshall and they spent most of their time at his hospital bedside as he lay dying, this was indeed a terrible yobbish verbal assault from the Labour man, a man not fit to lace the boots of Harry Marshall, and yet John McCabe (pictured) claims that he is not the type of man to launch personal attacks! Perhaps we should ask the Independant Cllr. George Elsom if he agrees with this statement?

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This anti-social behaviour should be treated in the same way as the minimoto scourge, so Cllr. McCabe - go get CRUSHED!


The Shields Gazette

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