Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stand by switch

Switch it off!

Some time ago in his blog, Environment Secretary and South Shields MP David Miliband was looking for "quick wins" for energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction. I made the comment on his site that the government (indeed ALL governments) should require that manaufacturers of domestic electrical appliances i.e. televisions, radios, hi-fis, computers, dvd players, vhs cassette players, washing machines etc. should be encouraged to do away with the "stand by" switch. This little device makes us so unbelievably lazy, we can no longer be bothered to get up on our feet and switch off the television at the end of the night, the stand by function has allowed us the convenience of watching in bed and pressing the remote control to switch the device off - bring back the little white dot, that's what I say!

This simple little device is responsible for the waste of millions of kilowatts of unused electricity every year, and each unused kilowatt adds even more carbon emissions to the atmosphere, and it is also responsible for 8% of the U.K.'s electricity comsumption. I am glad to see a report in today's Times that the government's Energy Review is to outlaw the "stand by" function, this measure will reduce emissions by a further 13 to 17 per cent by 2020.

It may help us to stay fitter by getting up on our feet and doing some work for a change!


The Times

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Rock on Curly, you red white and green warrior. We can't just "stand by" and let this waste go on! Eh, see what I did there? Anyway, good blog. Better than the usual "They're having a re-structure at work and my office is now 4 inches smaller" type. Stay cool amigo.
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