Monday, July 17, 2006

Sleazy Sweepstakes

Sleazy Sweepstakes

Guido Fawkes has produced a very nice "cut out and play" "Sleazy Sweepstakes" card featuring a number of high ranking Labour peronalities (and himself), it's an ideal ice-breaker for parties, meetings, pub gatherings, charity fundraising events etc. The idea is that you cut out the cards, put them in a hat, and then allow your mates to draw one out.

If the next arrest in the cash for peerages enquiry is one of those featured, then someone will win the kitty! You can email Guido to get a copy for yourself and promulgate a new craze!

Curly has taken the extravagant liberty of sending a "Sleazy Sweepstake" card to each Labour member of South Tyneside Borough Council, and is now fervently awaiting the whispers about who is playing, and who is holding on to the winning card.

Cllr. Iain Malcolm, the Deputy Leader of the Council has got in touch with the Corner Shop to complain that there are no Tories on the game card, and he rightly points out that they have had quite few sizeable donations from outside of our shores, and that a number of them have also been questioned as part of Scotland Yard's mission. I pointed out to Cllr. Malcolm (who normally recognises humour instantly - I'd hate to think he needs assistance here) that Guido Fawkes is interested only in "gunpowder, treason, and plot" and as soon as the Conservatives are sitting in the hot seat of government they will become as much a target for Mr. Fawkes as the present incumbents! For now, he is busy loading more barrels!

Image Hosted by

Is this the same Iain Malcolm who is Chief Executive of Sovereign Strategy, a company which lobbies on behalf of the nuclear industry? The same Sovereign Strategy likely to be investigated by The Hansard Society for it's role in influencing UK nuclear energy policy?

Tory peer Lady Olga Maitland is an associate director of Sovereign StrategySovereign Strategy. Perhaps Cllr Malcolm wants her on a 'nuclear sweepstake'?
I don't know for sure Rossinisbird, perhaps we should ask him, and if he is, shall I ask if he is enjoying the use of the new kitchen?
Yes, this is the same Iain Malcolm - this taken from Sovereign Strategy's website;

Iain Malcolm
Chief Executive

Iain Malcolm served for over ten years as the Senior Research and Policy Officer to Alan Donnelly MEP, former Leader of the European Parliamentary Labour Party.

Within a broad remit that covered: speech writing; constituency casework; media relations; and organising Alan's political diary - Iain was instrumental in helping to establish the Labour Party's commitment to the North East of England through various economic and social forums. This would include regular contact with key public and private sector partners.

Iain was appointed Special Advisor to the Co-operative Commission that was launched by The Prime Minister in January 2000: tasked with examining the future of the Co-operative Movement within the UK and producing a final Report with a wide range of recommendations by January 2001.

In public office, Iain was elected to South Tyneside Council in May 1988 and was the former Chairman of its Finance Committee; he also served as Chairman of the North East Purchasing Organisation.

Currently Deputy Leader of South Tyneside Council. He is Chairman of the Local Authority Holding Company at Newcastle International Airport and a member of the Local Government Association's Urban Commission, LGA Resources Panel and the European Committee of Regions. Iain is a member of the CIPR.

It is not known what his remuneration is.
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