Thursday, July 06, 2006



This from Blairwatch;

Just listened rather open-mouthed to the serial sex pest on Today - he can't half rabbit. Key points I could disentangle from his syntax:

* He didn't deny further affairs even after being asked about ten times
* He mentioned 'the internet, or blogs, or whatever they're called' in a faux-disparaging way, which suggests he's actually quite worried and doesn't know how to handle it.
* He says Mr. Anschutz is just the chap to redevelop the East End (or North Greenwich, possibly) because it's 'polluted land'. Well, if it's the Dome area it was a gasworks, but it was cleared up at public expense to put the Dome on...
* He's not responsible for decisions his officials make
* He's getting on with the job, despite having it taken off him
* He's never taken a penny from anyone (apart from the subsidised flat and the unpaid council tax, presumably, or the grace-and-favour house).

At that point my brain fused and my ears shut down. The man's a walking climate change problem with all the hot air.

I'm starting to think that it would be better for the Deputy Prime Minister to stay in office as long as possible, a long slow lingering departure would be better for the opposition than a swift decapitation:)

Meanwhile the Daily Mail reveals that a full inquiry has been launched by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner Sir Philip Mawer into the allegations of impropriety by Prescott and his relationship with American billionaire Philip Anschutz. The most telling sentence in the whole article is the very last one, pointing out the stony silence of Cabinet colleagues when asked if the Deputy Prime Minister still had their full support.

Remarkably, the man will be in charge of the country when Tony Blair takes an all expenses paid, oops sorry, should have said "family holiday" in a few weeks time.


The Daily Mail

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