Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Blair to ban "fatty adverts"

Blair threatens food advertisers

The Daily Mail is amongst a raft of newspapers to report on Tony Blair's keynote speech in Nottingham yesterday as part of his "Our Nation's Future" campaign.

The Prime Minister - blah, blah, yawn Blair - seems to think that the banning of advertising by manaufacturers of junk foods will get us all back on the straight (and rather slimmer) narrow, and improve the prospects of the National Health Service along the way. We are all too complacent and ignorant, and many of us too incapable of making informed decisions for ourselves or our own good, so the good old nanny state will do it all for us!

The timing of his speech is rather suspect too, I guess he didn't want his Deputy "two helpings" Prescott to front this one whilst he's away on holiday, what a public relations effort that could have been!


The Daily Mail

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