Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tough on crime?

Tough on crime? Tough on the causes of crime?

Tony Blair appeared to be quite rattled at PMQs today, waving the hands, wagging the finger, getting animated and agitated. Was he feeling David Cameron's elbow barging into his rib cage. For once "Big Dave" got truly stuck into the Prime Minister and had a right go at him over the mess and obfuscation at the Home Office.

Following the revelation that 53 prisoners sentenced to "life" had been released in the past six years it was understandable that the Home Office and John Reid would come under a fire from the Leader of the Opposition.

Mr Cameron said:

"In the last 40 days the new Home Secretary has been hard at work.

"He has potentially undermined his department's own deportation proceedings, he's shelved his own anti-crime campaign at the last minute, he's misled the public over the employment of illegal immigrants in his own department and now he has criticised judges for their implementation of new Labour law.

"Can you detect any early signs that this Home Secretary is going to be any better than the last one?"

"Will you tell him to stop trying to blame everyone else and get on with his job.?"

Which brings me today's picture, inspired by the artwork found at I decided to put together this nice little poster, it almost captures the essence of what is and what should ever be! However, for some within New Labour's ranks, respect for the law can mean a long trip half way around the world, in the hope of pocketing a very tidy sum.


The Daily Mail

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