Friday, June 09, 2006

Spot the flag

Spot the flag

Remember those "spot the ball" competitions that used to be seen in newspapers?

Have a good look at this picture taken at 8.30 p.m. yesterday and then place your "X" where you think England's flag is flying - it's the fascinating new game devised by South Tyneside Council just for the World Cup!

Oddly enough, the flag of St. George was spotted limply hanging on a flagpole at 3.05 p.m. yesterday hidden below the clock tower where most people would miss it! Not on the flagpole centrally located above the main entrance, but shuffled out to a corner of the building.

Perhaps they have devised another flag game just for the World Cup, it goes something like this, no games = no flag, as England appear then so does the flag. As England progress through the competition then the flag is moved from one flagpole to another, but will only fly on the central pole if/when England reach the final. It's all so exciting!

Come on guys, surely we can make a better effort than this, surely we can emulate the pride, passion, and belief of South Tyneside people. If it's good enough for Tony Blair, good enough for members of his cabinet, good enough for Dave Cameron - then it ought to be good enough for us!

I wait to see if our flag makes an appearance today.

Update 12.00 noon - still no flag!

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