Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quinn close to deal

Quinn closing on takeover deal

The troubled times at my favourite football club, Sunderland AFC may be about to take a turn for the better. The protracted negotiaions between outgoing chairman Bob Murray and former striker Niall Quinn's Drumaville consortium appear to be moving towards a positive conclusion. Reports today suggest that Murray will be selling his majority shareholding in a "cut price" deal that will enable more money to be invested in the playing staff. Murray himself is unlikely to get rich with the sale, he will in fact be walking away much the poorer considering how much he has paid over the years to acquire the shareholding and build both the Academy and the Stadium of Light.

One of the hold ups for Quinn's consortium has been the difficulty in attracting a big name manager whilst the club is "in limbo", Martin O'Neil's name is, of course, on the tip of everyone's tongues when discussing who the next boss should be.

The takeover may be completed on Friday this week.


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