Sunday, June 04, 2006

24th. Tyne Tees run

24th. Annual Tyne-Tees Run

For those of you who have arrived here via my main site Curly's Corner Shop, you will know that I am (very slowly) building a new site to showcase everything that is good and heartwarming about South Shields. Whilst the rebuild progresses I will be posting news of current events here, mixed in with my moans and groans, so you will have to take the rough with the smooth. You will need to have in mind that we do work Sundays at the Corner Shop but I will endeavour to cover as many events as possible this summer, as in previous years.

Without doubt, when the sun shines, this town is the preferred destination for travellers, tourists, and those looking for culture, history, or just entertainment. In future years, we may be able to provide all of this when the weather is not so kind too. Today saw the 24th. Annual Tyne Tees Run visiting the Bents Park at the sea front, this event is quite a regular in South Shields and is almost like the London to Brighton run, except this one is for vintage commercial vehicles, and this year it was sponsored by one of our local bus companies.

The number of entrants continues to grow each year as enthusiastic owner/restorers drive their vehicles from Middlesbrough to South Shields, providing interest to other motorists along the North-East coast. The Bents park hosts the judging and prize giving for those who have "presented" their vehicles in the most appealing "showroom" manner. It was great, once again, to see the old South Shields Corporation motor bus and fire engine taking part amongst countless other buses, lorries, vans, trailers and even military vehicles all accompanied by the music of a fantastic staeme powered fairground organ!

So having hosted Billy Smart's Circus last weekend, and the motor rally this weekend, the Bents Park is all set for another superb summer season. Let's see you all in South Shields.

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