Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fancy a good book?

Try David Osler's "Labour Party Plc".

This description from Amazon

British politics used to be a straightforward affair. The Tories were the bosses' party, while Labour represented the working class. However, Tony Blair has transformed the relationship between Labour and the private sector to the point where Labour now claims to be the natural party of business. This new friendship has been cemented through a series of huge donations to Labour, from top business people and leading companies. Such generosity has been reciprocated with a string of peerages for prominent benefactors. Corporate supporters - including multinationals with questionable track records on union recognition, human rights and the environment - have reaped the rewards of lucrative privatization contracts. Labour's natural supporters are increasingly disaffected. Meanwhile, a huge swathe of the electorate can't see any real difference between the major parties and simply don't bother to vote. This text offers an examination of what has been the defining phenomenon of British politics in the 1990s and start of the 2000s. It includes a comprehensive list of all Labour Party donations, and examines how the donors have benefited from having New Labour in office.

Guido goes a little further into the machinations of Labour's funding in this post tonight.

I hope he is in receipt of particularly good information!

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