Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tough on crime?

Lock up the politicians. (They only have themselves to blame)

Labour managed to pass another milestone today in the battle against crime, although it will pass unheralded. Today sees an unprecedented level of criminals locked away in our prisons, so many in fact that the prisons are full, packed to bursting point, so full that arrangements are now in place to use police cells as a "temporary measure", so full that those who deserve to join them probably now won't (because we run out of room.)

Simon Heffer, writing in the Telegraph, sums up the situation so well:

That "temporary" is distressing. It is not as if the crime rate is likely to plummet in the next few weeks. Nor is it possible that new prisons will suddenly open up in their dozens to provide the extra accommodation. All it can mean is that a number of people who deserve to be sent to jail won't go there, or some already there will be released early. Either route makes a mockery of the criminal justice system, and betrays the public.

The mess that Labour has with prison overcrowding is entirely of its own making. The violent, drug-addicted youths swamping the criminal justice system have been created by a welfare state whose prime purpose has been to eliminate fathers from child-rearing. Gordon Brown's sovietisation of child care, and refusal to use taxes to encourage couples with children, is directly responsible for this mess. So, too, has been the Government's inconsistent and delinquent policy on drugs, which has led to drugs crime going largely unpunished despite the massive contribution it makes to further criminality. But then cabinet ministers, with their Special Branch protection, grace-and-favour houses and chauffeur-driven cars probably cannot conceive of what it is like to be a harmless person living terrorised by feral yobs on one of our appalling council estates. Some of them should go and have a look at the horrid world they have helped create, and of which the bursting prisons are but a nasty symptom.

You can read his full article - here

John Reid, who has described his department as being "unfit for purpose", has had no comment at all on the matter today, and perhaps should be the first that the public should nominate to be walled up.

So, when you read your local newspaper and see that the local charvas are being given even more "community service" (which they never complete fully), when you see them welling around the court building in Commercial Road expecting another soft fine that the "nash" will pay, when you read of prisoners being released early from their sentences, when you roll your eyes with incredulity when another criminal receives another criminally short sentence, it is not the magistrates or the judges to blame, the fault lies with the politicians who told us that they will be "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime".

Curly doesn't believe a word of it and thinks that Blair, Reid, Clarke, Blunkett et al are "not fit for purpose" and should be locked away until they learn a lesson!

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